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  • Recommendation:

    That the Director of Planning Services be authorized to grant draft plan approval to the Draft Plan of Condominium (24CDM-23007/1716) submitted by Biddington Homes Lakeshore Inc., and prepared by J.H. Gelbloom Surveying Ltd., dated February 12, 2024, subject to the conditions contained in Appendix ‘A’ of the Planning Services report dated February 20, 2024.

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  • Recommendation:
    1. That the Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment applications by MacDonald Rose Inc. for 358 Reynolds Street (File Nos. 24T-23003/1613 and Z.1613.65) be refused as proposed;
    2. That if the application is appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal, town staff be authorized to negotiate and finalize a settlement of the appeal, if possible addressing the concerns outlined in this report affecting zoning regulations and development standards to the satisfaction of the Commissioner of Community Development and Town Solicitor or designates; and
    3. That the notice of Council’s decision reflect that Council has fully considered all of the written and oral submissions relating to these matters and that those comments have been appropriately addressed.


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  • Recommendation:
    1. That comments from the public with respect to the proposed town-initiated Official Plan Amendments and Zoning By-law Amendments (File No. 42.15.62 and 42.15.63), be received.
    2. That staff considers such comments as may be provided by Council and the public.
  • Recommendation:
    1. That the property at 530 Carson Lane be removed from the Oakville Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest; and,
    2. That, prior to demolition, the property owners allow for the salvage of materials from the house.

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  • Recommendation:

    That the following recommendation pertaining to Item 4.1 of the Heritage Oakville Advisory Committee minutes from its meeting on February 27, 2024 be approved and the remainder of the minutes be received:

    4.1 Heritage permit application HP005/24-42.20R 27 Reynolds Street – construction of a new second storey rear addition and ground floor staircase

    1. That Heritage Permit Application HP005/24-42.20R for the construction of a new second storey rear addition with ground floor staircase at 27 Reynolds Street, as attached in Appendix B to the report dated February 13, 2024 from Planning Services, be approved subject to the following:
      1. That final details on the windows, doors, trim, cladding materials and paint colours be submitted to Heritage Planning staff for final approval;
    2. That this heritage permit expire two years from the date of final approval by Council.

(Emergency, Congratulatory or Condolence)

Item 12.1 - By-law 2024-005, as revised February 29, 2024.

That the following by-law(s) be passed:

Memorandum from Planning Services February 29, 2024

A by-law to designate the Miller House at 361 Macdonald Road as a property of cultural heritage value or interest, as revised.

A by-law to declare that certain land is not subject to part lot control (Blocks 2, 8, 9, 10 and 11, Plan 20M-1258 – Martillac Estates Inc.).

A by-law to declare that certain land is not subject to part lot control (Blocks 149 to 161, 166, 167, 173, 174, 181, Plan 20M-1255 – Graydon Banning Ltd.).

A by-law to confirm the proceedings of a meeting of Council.

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